Rule No. 1 in surviving in the entertainment industry is having more than one hustle. Rappers have been hip to that for a minute—launching labels, clothing lines, fragrances and acting careers. Lately it seems like comedians have started to follow suit by picking up the mic. Instead of droppin’ funny lines, though, they’re spittin’ hot ones.

Funnyman Katt Williams signed with Dipset as an artist back in 2005. Although that never resulted in an album, Katt has dropped sporadic records since then—including his Young Gunz dis track “Palm Pilot” with Game. Ice Cube’s comedic homie Mike Epps has gotten in on the act as well. Just last month he teamed up with Young Dro and Durrough for the Nitti-produced “Ain’t You You.”

Longtime jokester Affion Crockett has made a steady name for himself in hip-hop circles with his music video spoofs of everyone from Jay-Z to Kanye West that reveals he got a little flow, too.

With all these comedians impeding on rappers’ turf, XXLMag.com decided to compile a list of witty MCs with the comedic chops to return the favor. These rappers ain’t no joke, but if they play their cards right they could get laughs or die tryin’. —Anslem Samuel



Already the laughing stock of the industry, Berg could transform his punching bag image into a good thing. Physical comedy made the Three Stooges a household name and we’re sure the often-abused rapper could find two willing rhyming partners to slap him around stage just for the hell of it.



With an affinity for nursery rhymes, graphic sex talk and tall tales, Ghost is like the hip-hop version of Andrew Dice Clay. Already putting his charismatic personality and subtle sense of humor on display with his online series, Wizdom of the Week, Starks could easily be the next Bad Boy of Comedy.



After crashin’ Jay-Z and Alicia Keys’ “Empire State of Mind” performance at this year’s VMA’s, Lil’ Mama is already considered more of a joke. Why not use that to her advantage by embracing the constant laughter and jeers. Who knows, she might eventually become hip-hop’s original Queen Princess of Comedy. Let’s just hope she doesn’t try to hop on stage in the middle of Mo’Nique’s set ’cause big mama don’t play that.



During the course of his career, Cam has been responsible for some of hip-hop’s funniest sayings and one-liners. From calling out Jay-Z for wearing chancletas and coining the phrase “swagger jacker” to turning 50 Cent’s government name into a chant (“show some courtesy, Cuuurtiiis”), doggie definitely knows how to keep the laughs coming. Comedy Central should holla at Cam for their next celebrity roast.



Biz might be one of the original Kings of Hip-Hop Comedy. At the start of his career, the Juice Crew member made a name for himself with jokey records like “Pickin’ Boogers,” “The Dragon” and “T.S.R. (Toilet Stool Rap)” and hilarious music videos. What better way for the rap veteran to make a comeback than by putting his comedic skills to use on the stand-up circuit.



Never afraid to say what’s on his mind and always in the middle of some sort of controversy, Kanye would make a perfect comic. He’s already got the witty lyrics and thick skin to do a one-man stand-up special. With 808s & Heartbreaks he proved that he could make a platinum-selling disc of AutoTune hits; so why couldn’t ’Ye produce a successful comedy album, as well? Just give a Black man a chance.



Em has never had any qualms about displaying his sick sense of humor. His albums are chockfull of twisted punch lines and he even allowed himself to be the butt of the joke when “Bruno” dropped down from the ceiling during this year’s MTV Movie Awards. After holding his own against veteran funnyman Tracy Morgan at the VMA’s, there’s no doubt that Em could throw some serious shade on the comedy game.



For the past few years, the rapper-turned-reality-TV-star has made the ladies and audiences laugh at his crazy antics and catch phrases. Transitioning into full-time comedy is a no brainer. With his Viking hat and various clocks, he already has set props and could easily fill that Carrot Top lane. Besides Flav’s a natural for “physical” comedy, because let’s face it, physically he looks pretty funny.



Known for their outrageous music videos, Red and Meth are longtime funnymen that actually have a leg up on the comedy competition. Remember the dynamic duo’s pilot for their MTV series Stung, where they pranked hip-hop stars and fans? Well, if Ashton Kutcher hadn’t swagger jacked their idea a year later, Red and Meth could’ve been hip-hop’s Abbott and Costello.



50’s affinity for cracking jokes on rap rivals is infamous. So much so, the G-Unit general has made a career of ending careers with his punch lines and hilarious online clips. In fact, his “Pimpin’ Curly” character—who narrated a sex tape featuring one of Rick Ross’s baby mamas—was voted 50’s best online skit in a recent XXLMag.com reader poll. Already known as the SoundScan Killer, Curtis the Comedian would knock ’em dead with a Vegas stand-up act. 50 always has the last laugh anyway.

Bonus: Peep this behind the scenes clip from real comedian Katt Williams' new DVD Pimpadelic.

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