Fat Nick and Blackbear connect for an easygoing, melodic new anthem—just in time for 4/20.

The new track, appropriately titled “Ice Out,” finds Nick getting a bit melodic as he half-sings a verse about flexing and enjoying the lean-drenched life of a baller. "Ice out, let it shine, got my teeth out/Shawty bad, geeked up by that re-rock," he spits over peaceful percussion and bright keys. Who produced the track?

“Mikey The Magician,” Nick tells XXL. “He is one of my best friends. He’s actually helped me throughout the whole fucking album project too. He’s been with me since day one. He helps me with all my shit, him and Flexatelli.”

For his part, Blackbear, a singer-songwriter who signed Riff Raff to his Beartrap Sound label this past February, laces the track with his own barrage of boasts. He keeps things very, very chill too.

"Blackbear, getting dome in a Wraith now/Whole team is eight figure bank now/So much Raf, A$AP Rocky would be mad/Baby you can touch my Raf, it's all good—I got doubles," Blackbear sings on the track.

Nick says this collab had been in the making for a good while. “I hit up Blackbear a long time ago, this was maybe last summer,” reveals the South Florida rapper. “We followed each other on Instagram so I was like, 'What’s up?' He was like, ‘Yo, let’s meet up’ and I was like, ‘Fuck yeah, let’s meet up! I told him I got a track for him and asked him if he wanted to do it and he said, ‘Fuck yeah!’”

Nick and Blackbear have some pretty nice chemistry on the track together, but it turns out that they actually just met. “I just met him in person [Wednesday] at the video shoot (for ‘Ice Out’),” Nick offers. “We’ve talked on the phone loads but yesterday was the first time we properly met.”

What’s next for Fat Nick? “Well, I’ma drop this shit, then the video with Blackbear that we shot is going to come out,” Nick says. “Then my album, Generation Numb, is out June 8. After that [there] will be a U.S. tour and European tour and then just keep working on music!”

Listen to “Ice Out" for yourself below, and be on the lookout for Generation Numb, which is due June 8.

Fat Nick via SoundCloud
Fat Nick via SoundCloud

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