Are the people you call friends really your comrades? Do they know everything there is to know about you? Your favorite restaurant? Your go-to saying? Your favorite entertainer? If they don't, then they're most likely not your real friends. There's an overflow of counterfeit friendships out here, especially in the entertainment business. XXL crafted up a game to put one of hip-hop's most regarded friendships to the test. Packed with questions about everyday life that their fans aren't privy to and only the people in their inner circle would know, XXL presents 'Real Friends' with Fat Joe and Remy Ma.

The Terror Squad rappers have been down for the past two decades both hailing from the Bronx. In 2005, they even got a Grammy nomination together with "Lean Back." Eleven years later, they're gearing up for the release of Platas o Plomo a.k.a Money or Bullets, their joint album due out this year.

"It aint Fat Joe featuring Remy or Remy featuring this. Brotherly love. It’s both our albums,” Fat Joe said regarding the project. Their lead single "All the Way Up," released in March, is already garnering mass attention and climbing the charts. Platas o Plomo will be Fat Joe's first album since 2010’s The Darkside Vol 1 and Remy’s first LP since her debut, There’s Something About Remy, released in 2006.

Check out XXL's 'Real Friends' in the video above. Did Fat Joe and Remy Ma pass the test? Find out.

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