Fat Joe is about to be cooking up a lot more than his nickname suggests.

During an NBC NiteCap interview, Joey Crack revealed that he has his own food oriented show in the works. "I'm working on a cooking show," the Bronx native said. "Who else can you trust other than Fat Joe to tell you what food is good or not? Me and my guy, Chef Mark, he's an incredible chef, we got that studio audience, we got that band. We gonna bring guys like Lil Wayne—your favorite rapper—and we gonna ask him what's his favorite dish [and] we gonna make it for him."

Though there is no launch date on the show, Joe is sure it will give fans a new look at him once it does begin. "You don't really know the true Fat Joe until you meet him," he said. "So once we in front of that camera and we vibin' with everybody, we gonna have a lot of fun with that."

"I'm not even a cook," he continued. "I'm like a mascot. But my man Chef Mark is gonna be cookin'."

Joe also talked hip-hop stars giving back to the community and revealed that he will be auctioning off his extensive sneaker collection for charity.—Adam Fleischer

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