Fat Joe is the latest artist to be featured on Music Choice’s series Chronicles. In the upcoming episode the "Stressin" rapper opens up about growing up in the Bronx, coming up with the Wu-Tang Clan and his relationship with the late Big Pun. On the show set to air tonight (Sept. 30) he reveals that he went into deep depression after the death of his best friend.

“When Pun passed away I went through depression,” said Joe. “And I’m not just saying depression lightly real depression. It was him, my sister and my grandfather at the same time, so I was going through so much at one time and everybody doubted me.”

The Off The Bat From The MLB Fan Cave host said that despite his success even his closet friends doubted if he could make a comeback after Pun’s death. But he’s grateful to God because the lessons he learned from Pun set him up to comeback full force.

“The truth is even though I discovered Big Pun, he taught me how to make hit records. He literally set me down and said right about here you gotta talk to the girls Joe,” said Crack. “Right about here we gotta keep it gangsta…So I knew before anybody else knew before Pun died I was cool with just killing a million people with a army fatigue on. But he died, I got use to the money, I got use to the fame so I said now we gotta hit some home runs. So we did the “We Thuggin’” with R. Kelly, “What’s Love,” we had the “My Lifestyle,” it was a serious run.”

Check out Fat Joe’s full interview with Music Choice Play on Chronicles tonight at 8p.m.