Bryson Tiller blew up after the massive success of "Don't," but it appears that he was in the studio with Fat Joe before the fame came. Fashionably Early debuted a new track titled "Love You to Pieces" that sees Joe linking up with Tiller for a hook. The mellow production sees Joe coasting along with some smooth bars.

"Soul mates are like diamonds/You never can make them/You gotta find them/And your beauty is quite blinding/It's like staring at the sun on an island/And it's always the little things/I could see your halo and pretty wings/Lemon crunch on yor pinkberry/That's always she really wants, got to thank Mary/Foreplay but it's so long/Just enjoy the ride, mama hold on/And your loves the sweetest/You're the piece to my puzzle/I love you to pieces," Fat Joe raps.

Fat Joe spoke about his connection to during an appearance on the Rap Radar podcast. The D.I.T.C. member said he even tried to sign Tiller.

"[Tiller] was discovered out of this tree," Fat Joe explained. "So my man Rich The Barber… Bryson Tiller used to live in Rich The Barber’s house. To keep it a buck… I tried to sign Bryson Tiller and he fronted, he fronted!"

The "Make It Rain" rapper said that he did not hear the "Don't" single before it got big. But, he explained how he did record a lot of material with Bryson Tiller

"He was just dope," Fat Joe said. "He was just sitting around with us like everyday and I got records with Bryson Tiller... Big records with Bryson Tiller. He was the last n---a to come from the air, from the energy. Cause the n---a come from Kentucky and somehow he’s sitting on the couch with us for three years. So it's the cloth somehow."

While nothing has been confirmed, it sure seems like "Love You to Pieces" was one of the tracks from those recording sessions.

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