On Friday (April 20), J. Cole dropped his surprise album, KOD. With an acronym that stands for Kids on Drugs, King Overdosed and Kill Our Demons, it should come as no surprise that Cole went after hip-hop's drug culture and new wave of rappers on the project.

But the North Carolina MC's most explicit attack of the new generation of rappers occurs on the song "1985 - (Intro to 'The Fall Off')." While Cole doesn't mention any names, Twitter has quickly picked apart the song and made their guesses about who he's talking about on the track.

"DID J COLE JUST INTELLECTUALLY DISS ALL THE "Lil's" ON 1985, WHO TRIED TO BEEF WITH HIM??????????? IT OVER LETS GO HOME FOLKS LETS GO HOME *Kenny's voice*," tweeted one person. "Niggas wondering who j cole dissing on 1985 whole nigga dissing everybody," another person tweeted.

Others were surprised that Cole kept his composure on the track and didn't go harder at the rappers. "Who ever '1985' was meant for, you lucky J Cole got Class. Pretty sure he could of ripped your ass apart even more," one man tweeted. "That J Cole 1985 diss where dissin the new Lil Rappers is the most Polite diss song of all time," another person wrote.

One fan even had a prediction for the future, predicting the song will elicit a response track from today's rappers. "J. Cole was preaching to these new rappers on 1985. But they won't listen and will drop a diss song with a bunch of repetitive words and sound effects," he tweeted.

While J. Cole hasn't received any diss tracks for "1985" yet, Lil Pump did appear to take a shot at Cole with a recent video posted on an Instagram Story. "Wow you get so much props—you dissed a 17-year-old," the "Gucci Gang" rapper says before letting out a laugh. "Lame ass jit."

Check out some of the best tweets about J. Cole's "1985" below.

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