Famous Dex and Rich the Kid link up and decide to flip a few stacks on their new song “Windmill.”

With a hard-hitting beat produced by Lab Cook, “Windmill” catches both Famous Dex and Rich the Kid spitting bars about flipping their money like gymnastics, dunking in beautiful women, and bragging about their come-up as they rap about their rags to riches story.

“Pullin’ in the lamb just me and Rich/Five bitches on my dick,” Dex raps with the first verse. “Young niggas don't know the rules/I was trapping out the school/I get they hunnits they blue/Riding in a Honda they was laughing.”

“Look at my wrist that’s a new freezer/My bitch a foreign and I don't need her,” Rich The Kid spits as he comes in with the second verse. “Hunnid bands in a two seater/I put a Act in a two-liter/Made my money do gymnastics/Calculator, gotta add it/Started off trapping with bands in the attic/Mama, she told me to pack/Why you flexin’ with that Rollie but it’s plastic?/Fly her in from Costa Rica she a bad bitch/Your money is short, broke rappers on life support/I stay with a fork/Married to the kitchen, never divorce."

“Windmill” is set to be featured on the Rich Forever 3 project that's supposed to be coming very soon. As a early gift, sit back and enjoy Rich the Kid and Famous Dex snap on their new collab below.

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