Fabolous reminds the world why he's been one of the rap game's premiere R&B remixers for almost 20 years. Yesterday (July 4), the Brooklyn rapper showcased his smooth talk by hopping on "Boo'd Up," a popular breakout single from R&B up-and-comer, Ella Mai.

Floating over the smooth Mustard-produced instrumental, Fab serves up a few spurts of his signature wordplay at various points on the song. "You can't deny it, boo, the vibe is undeniable/It's on some Love and Basketball, Omar and Sanaa with boo/You in denial, boo, that nigga still denying you/You thought he was reliable, that nigga just a liar, boo," he spits on the track, which he previewed in an Instagram video he uploaded yesterday.

It sounds as if Fab could be referencing his baby's mother, Emily Bustamante in the very beginning of the track. "They don't like it when you get your boo back," he says on the track. Back in March, Fabolous was arrested for allegedly punching Bustamante in her mouth, causing her to lose several teeth. Fab's opening line could be about people being upset he's apparently still with Bustamante, but there really wasn't much evidence of them ever separating in the first place. Fab and Emily have been seen together publicly at various points after the alleged incident took place.

Fab's remix is definitely on point, but he wasn't the first to try his hand and cruising over Ella Mai's hit song. Yesterday, Nicki Minaj and Quavo jumped on the official "Boo'd Up (Remix)." Fetty Wap, Jae Millz and K Camp have also delivered dope remixes to the tune.

Check out Fab's "Boo'd Up (Remix)" below.



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