After building anticipation over the last couple of months, Erick The Architect finally delivers his Arcstrumentals, Vol. 2  album. The new project features new instrumentals from the Flatbush Zombies member, showing off his skills on the boards.

The instrumental album, which contains 21 tracks, follows in the footsteps of the first volume of his 2015 Arcstrumentals series. This time around, Architect continues to tap into some of the experimental styles that we hear on many of the Zombies' records, but also mellows out to unveil some different vibes.

Erick, who is also known as Erick "Arc" Elliott, first gave fans a taste of the new project when he dropped off an animated video for his "Fruit Fruit Punch in Bora Bora" record earlier this month.

Listen to Erick The Architect's Arcstrumentals, Vol. 2 project in the stream below and check out the tracklist.

Erick The Architect's Arcstrumentals, Vol. 2 Tracklist

1. "Alchemy Act One"
2. "Cooking With Grease"
3. "V.M."
4. "Doux Ouverture Terracota"
5. "Infomercial"
6. "Rosebuds"
7. "OK Here's the Story"
8. "B.P.B. / Bobby Is the Groom"
9. "P.U.T.A. / Stacey Is the Bride"
10. "The Proper Hangover / Bugga Is the Best Man"
11. "Fuchsia / Bugga Hooked Up With Stacey"
12. "Stacey / She Never Mentions It To Bobby"
13. "Pastor Willcall (Interlude)"
14. "Foreign Kix"
15. "Draca Draca"
16. "The Forehead Napkin"
17. "Fruit Fruit Punch In Bora Bora"
18. "Hennessy In Hollywood / The Truth"
19. "Paisley Park Pt 1 / Just Married"
20. "20 Pilots"
21. "Paisley Park, Pt. 2 / Honeymoon"

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