At only 22-years-old, Eric The Jeweler is creating quite the buzz for himself in the jewelry industry. The young native from Boston, Massachusetts, has built a respectable list of clientele and has some of the biggest names in music and sports co-signing his work.

For Eric, breaking into the jewelry business has always been his dream. At the age of 16, Eric got his first gig handing out flyers for a jewelry store in the Diamond District. From there, the young jeweler worked his way up to a sales associate position and at the age of 20, carved a lane of his own in the industry.

Now considered one of the youngest and most successful jewelers in the business, Eric The Jeweler looks to continue building his clientele and make an even bigger impact in the jewelry industry. Get to know more about Eric below.

Biggest challenge you faced trying to break in the jewelry industry?
Biggest challenge I faced was not having the money to back myself up when I started since I was on my own and never worked for a big company. I had to start from the ground up and get my name up first before anyone wanted to do business with me. This is an industry full of lions - it’s either eat or be eaten.

What inspires your jewelry designs and creativity?
What inspires me is the look that I can give to a certain person. A nice piece of jewelry can catch many eyes. It can also change one's image. It feels good when I see an artist or athlete wearing on TV something I created, and brought to life because they are representing me.

What piece of jewelry do you enjoy designing the most and why?
I'm always working on different pieces so that would be kind of hard to decide, but I love designing pinky rings and Jesus heads because there is always so many ways you can keep changing it up & they always sell. Chains & iced out watches are pretty much all the same. It’s just whoever has the better price & quality.

Most expensive piece you've designed?
It was a huge chain I made for a gypsy guy one time where each link of the chain was an actual gold peso with diamonds going all around it. There was about 20 of them connected to each other.

Biggest misconception people have about a jeweler?
People tend to think that jewelers are filthy rich and make a hell of a profit, which is not true because we work on a very small profit margin but very big numbers, it just doesn't make sense. You sell a watch for 75k and only make 1-2k.

What celebrities have you designed for?
I've worked with 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, DMX, YG, French Montana, Jeremih, Wale, Jadakiss, Erica Mena, Chris Brown and many more big names.


Out of the pieces that you've designed for artist which one would you say took you the longest and why?
The SMS piece I made for 50 Cent. Not because it was hard, but because I needed to make it creative. Most people would just take the logo and make it into a piece, that's simple. SMS is his line of headphones so what I did was put together the SMS logo and the actual headphones in 3D with all the detail into one and made it into a pendant. He loved it.

What celebrities would you like to add to your clientele list?
There's a lot of celebrities I'm speaking to and in the works with at the moment which I didn't list above.

Any special collaboration with a brand or artist on the way that we should expect?
Yes, I'm working on a collaboration with Snoop Dogg on my line of real solid gold blunt tips which are used for smoking joints & blunts for the (stoners) which is some new flavor I'm bringing into the game.

What’s the ultimate goal for you and your line of business?
My ultimate goal is to one day be the biggest jeweler in the game so when the topic of jewelry comes up, my name is always mentioned and brought up like "go see that guy Eric The Jeweler!"

In your opinion who's the most iced out rapper of all-time?
Birdman I believe. That guy hasn't sold or gotten rid of any pieces of jewelry he bought from day one.

Three hip-hop records that you're currently blasting through your speakers?
Fabolous ‘Ball Drop,’ G-Unit ‘Watch Me’ and DMX ‘Stop Being Greedy.’


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