Eric B. and Rakim have plans to re-release their classic album, Paid in Full.

Rakim made that clear in an interview with AllHipHop this past weekend, following his performance with The Roots for their Roots Picnic 2012 event in Philadelphia.

“We got the 25th anniversary of the Paid in Full album we about to release as well,” Ra told the hip-hop website. “It’s going to be a couple of new treats on that.”

Eric B. and Rakim’s classic album, Paid in Full, was released July 7, 1987. It spawned hits such as “Eric B. Is President,” “I Ain’t No Joke,” “I Know You Got Soul,” “Move the Crowd” and the title track, “Paid in Full.”

Their track, “My Melody,” had the God MC spitting one of many lines that’s still revered to this day in hip-hop circles:

“I take seven MCs, put ’em in a line/And add seven more brothers who think they can rhyme/Well, it’ll take seven more before I go for mine/Now, that’s 21 MCs ate up at the same time,” Rakim spit on the song.

Beside the re-release of the classic LP, which there’s no set date for as of press time, the 18th Letter revealed that he’s also working on new solo material.

“I’m in the studio now,” he continued to tell AHH. “We’re trying to get something out at the end of the year. I definitely want to stay in the studio and get some things done. I feel I still gotta lot to say and I think that I got some people that still want to hear it.”

And when that music does see the day of light, Ra promises to deliver that authentic hip-hop sound that he’s famous for.

“I stay true to what I do,” he said. “I try not to change that ingredient too much. I just try to update it and keep it fresh, but it’s still that Rakim, that conscious, that boom-bap, that euphoric hip-hop. I don’t care what goes on or where we at. I still want to be in that type of lane when we get in the studio. Hopefully I can complete the legacy the way I feel it should be done.”—Mark Lelinwalla