Enter for the chance to win an exclusive prize package from Joey Bada$$ and the Beast Coastal Tour!

Mountain Dew's Green Label Sound has partnered with XXL for a new contest for XXL Freshman Class of 2013 member Joey Bada$$ from his recent Beast Coastal Tour. The complete prize package will include:

• Mountain Dew USB Drive
• Unorthodox Poster
• Beast Coastal Tour Poster
• Stickers
• Beast Coastal Tour Pins
• Beast Coastal Tour Towel
• Beast Coastal Tour Water Bottle
• Beast Coastal Tour Pennant
• XL Beast Coastal Tour Shirt

To win the package, you must correctly answer XXL's trivia question and email your answer to XXL@harris-pub.com with the title "Joey Bada$$ & Beast Coastal Tour Contest."

Question: Which four rappers did Joey Bada$$ name as his influences in XXL's Freshman Class of 2013 issue?

Make sure to check out Green Label Sound's website for more information. A full image of the complete package can be seen below.


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