Over the summer, news emerged that Eminem would be playing the role of White Boy Rick on 50 Cent's Starz drama BMF. Now, due to a recent glitch on the network's app, people are able to get a first look at Em on the show's seventh episode.

In a short clip that surfaced online on Sunday (Nov. 7), the Detroit rapper is seen in character being greeted by Demetrius "Meech" Flenory's character, played by Demetrius Flenory Jr. Eminem, who is wearing a brunette-colored wig to give him longer hair and a fur coat, appears to be a lookout outside of an establishment.


However, people weren't supposed to see any portion of BMF's episode 7 this week as the series was supposed to be on a week-long hiatus. The episode was also directed by 50 Cent.

Apparently, the ball was dropped on the network's end and 50, the executive producer of the show, called out Starz for their error.

He tweeted, "Starz is a shit show, they better sell it fast. They put the fucking BMF show on, then took it down. what network does shit like that? They just ruined the anticipation of The episode i directed, I WORKED HARD ON THIS. I can’t work with these people anymore."

Fif continued: "Episode 7 of BMF is the best work i have done directing to date.I’m disappointed that STARZ handled this so poorly. I used my personal relationships to make things happen they couldn’t have made happen. @eminem thank you for doing this for me. I love you bro."

Still understandably heated, 50 typed once more, "They called me saying they wanted to hold episode7 back a week so we can roll right into GHOST.I said cool.Then these shithead people put the fucking episode out for 3hrs & take it downMan facepalmingThis is not ok when I get uncomfortable i make everybody uncomfortable now who getting fired?"

According to TV Line, Starz released a statement regarding the flub on Monday (Nov. 8), which read, "The fan demand for BMF, and specifically this highly-anticipated episode directed by executive producer Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson, is undeniable. There was a technical glitch that allowed fans that have the Starz app, who logged in right at midnight, to temporarily access the episode early. The episode will be released globally, as planned, on Sunday, Nov. 14, across all Starz platforms."

BMF is based on the life story of Demetrius "Meech" Flenory and his brother Terry "Southwest T" Flenory and their rise in Detroit by way of building a drug empire.

White Boy Rick, the character Em is portraying, was an informant for the FBI as a teen while selling drugs and guns as a gang member. Rick, whose real name is Rick Wershe Jr., was later arrested for cocaine possession and sentenced to life in prison once he was no longer being used by the feds as their tipster. He was released on parole in June of 2020.

Check out a sneak peak of Eminem as White Boy Rick below.

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