From the outside looking in, the sneaker buying game is a tough business with bots—automated software that allows people to quickly purchase limited footwear—eating up Nikes premiere shoe-selling app SNKRS. Then, there are resell platforms that hike up shoe prices to more than three or four times their original value. And recently, Sotheby's auction house announced that they're offering up some coveted pairs of Jordan sneakers that rappers have collaborated with to the highest bidder, which will cost a grip as well.

After the success of selling hip-hop memorabilia and collectables, Sotheby's—the same auction house that sold The Notorious B.I.G. crown from the rapper's legendary "King of New York" photoshoot in 1997, which Jay-Z and Beyonce are rumored to have bought for nearly $600,000—announced on Wednesday (March 24) that they will be selling rare sneakers from partnerships with Nike/Jordan and rappers like Eminem, Travis Scott, Kanye West, Drake and DJ Khaled.

The Nike Air Jordan IV Retro Eminem x Carhartt, Nike Air Jordan IV Retro Travis Scott Purple, Nike Air Jordan IV Retro Eminem Encore with Marshall Mathers signed card, Nike Air Yeezy 2 Mismatch sample signed by Kanye West, Nike Air Jordan IV Retro Eminem Encore, Nike Air Jordan IV Retro Eminem Encore StockX version, Nike Air Jordan III Retro Father of Asahd and Nike Air Jordan III Retro "Another One" are all up for auction with bids ranging between $15,000 and $26,000 so far.

With bidding for these sneakers coming to a close on March 29, most of the bids have neared their projected selling rate.

For the most part, it seems like sneaker heads' success in regards to snagging limited-edition trainers at the shoe's original retail price is an art. Meanwhile, others are left spending hundreds and sometimes thousands to get their hands on rare sneakers.

Check out the bids for these rare sneakers on the Sotheby's website here and check out the kicks below.

See Eminem, Travis Scott, Kanye West and DJ Khaled Sneakers Selling on Sotheby's

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