The death of Prodigy has been tough on many, as the veteran MC suddenly passed away in a Las Vegas hospital last week reportedly due to complications with sickle cell. Now, the hip-hop community is honoring him the best way they know how, and Eminem and Kendrick Lamar are paying tribute to the QB legend's lyrics.

Both of the rap superstars rapped Prodigy verses for Peter Rosenberg's recent "Real Late" broadcast, which paid homage to Prodigy. While Em chose the late rapper's verse off of Mobb Deep's "Survival of the Fittest" record from 1995, K. Dot picked out the iconic MC's solo track “Genesis,” which was released in 2000 on his debut solo album H.N.I.C.

Before sending off the show's introduction, Slim Shady also sent out some honorable words to show love to Prodigy.

“I just want to say rest in peace to Prodigy. We love you homie. Hip-hop loves you," Eminem stated. "You will forever be missed.”

Em and K. Dot are far from the first rappers to honor Prodigy, as we've seen tons of veteran names speak out on the late Queensbridge native's death over the last week. The 2017 BET Awards even did a brief tribute to the rapper during their ceremony over the weekend, which took place in Los Angeles. Master P wasn't rocking with it, though.

Listen to the full radio show featuring the verses from Eminem and Kendrick in dedication to Prodigy in the audio below.

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