Venezuela could be on the brink of a a full-fledged civil war. Following the controversial election on July 30 and the new legislative assembly being inaugurated, protests have erupted throughout the country, with citizens fighting against what they feel is an attack on democracy. Venezuelan protestors have endured excessive force from Venezuelan security forces and four hip-hop rappers are speaking out against the injustices.

Emilio Rojas, Gill Graff, ¡Mayday!'s Bernz and ShaqIsDope—who are all Venezuelan—linked up to record "S.O.S.," a song that aims to raise awareness at the situation that is happening overseas in Venezuela. The record is important and shows how hip-hop can speak for the voiceless.

"Now why you wanna carry on a legacy of pain/When they're dying in the streets and now they're raggeding for change/All of my family wanna get out of that, they wanna get out and fast/Instead of choking from the tears and all the bombs and gas," Emilio delivers.

"A young artist painting darkness in his whole canvas/With his mask off, fighting for Future and his 'March Madness'/No medicine in the clinics, they can't afford to get it/So if you don't die from the illness you die from being infected," Gill Graff rhymes.

Emilio Rojas isn't afraid to get political with his music. Last year, he dropped a song called "I Hate Donald Trump” and released a hilarious video for it.

ShaqIsDope is gearing up to release his self-titled project soon. He previously released “I Want 2 Win,” “King Push” and "Power."

Bump "S.O.S." below.

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