Earl Sweatshirt and Action Bronson team up for "Warlord Leather," a bonus track to commemorate the release of Action Bronson's Mr. Wonderful and Earl Sweatshirt's I Don't Like Shit , I Don't go Outside. Both albums dropped on Monday (March 23). Fire bars are the theme for "Warlord Leather" as each rapper takes their best swing with their respected verse over the Alchemist-produced record. The Soundcloud description says there's background vocals by Lou Diamond Phillips (HA!). "The glorious bastard is back and that hoodie like a vein cause it's black" rapped Earl, followed by "coach called him off the bench told his ass to sit down / mothafucka you was picked up in the sixth round" rapped Bronson. It's an amazing record that hip-hop heads will salivate over.

In other A.B. news, while the Queens-based rapper was performing “Amadu Diabolo,” a track from Blue Chips 2 at New York City’s Terminal 5 last night (March 24) a fan hopped on stage to join the celebration. Bronson wasn't having it and immediately dropped his mic, grabbed the concertgoer and tossed him back into the crowd. A.B. then picked the mic back up and continued the song. Watch the video below.