E-40, Yakki and Ryan Hemsworth pull up to fix a car for their new "Hunnid" video. Check out the new visual for yourself below.

The track itself is produced by Hemworth, a Canadian producer who's made waves on the internet for a while now. Featuring some smooth melodies from Atlanta-based singer Yakki and one of E-40's signature bouncy verses, "Hunnid" is speaker-thumping anthem crafted for 2017.

The hook finds Yakki, who's somewhat recently worked with 21 Savage, singing about being able to make $100,000 in a day, with his voice stuttering between different points of it. It's something you'll probably find yourself repeating a few times without noticing. E-40 also delivers a standout set of bars.

"I can make a hundred in a day, not a hundred dollars but a hundred," the Bay Area legend spits on the track, before going on to say he flips packs like cartwheels.

The "Hunnid" video, which was directed by Javarri Jackson and BJ Cooper, finds Hemsworth, Yaki and E-40 working as mechanics trying to fix a yellow muscle car. Throughout the vid, we see the three looking pretty focused on the task at hand, at least, when they're not bouncing around mouthing the lyrics to the song the visual was made for.

Check out the new visual for yourself below. Cop "Hunnid" on iTunes. Also, be sure to check out E-40's "Fo Sho" video.

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