Kevin Gates has been out of prison since early January but fans who are waiting to see the rapper perform live are going to have to wait a little longer. According to the rapper's wife Dreka Gates, Kevin will be unable to make it to his upcoming shows.

In a video posted by Dreka, she apologizes on behalf of Gates for having to miss his upcoming shows this weekend and next weekend. According to her, the Illinois Department of Corrections has prevented the rapper from leaving the state. Dreka also revealed the "Had To" rapper is not even allowed to head back home to California.

"The Illinois Department of Corrections has prevented Kevin from leaving the state of Illionis," she said. "He isn't even allowed to come home to California where we live. Since he was released in January, he has not been able to come home not one time."

Dreka says they are now doing everything in their power to get the rapper back home and get him back to "doing what he loves to do." The rapper's wife also revealed that Gates has been in the studio working on new music. "He's in the studio going like really really hard right now," she said. "So, you guys will hear from him like really soon."

Gates was scheduled to perform in Dallas on Friday (May 4) for the 2018 Jmblya Festival and was also supposed to perform on May 5 and May 6 in Austin, Texas and Houston. The rapper is also part of the Common Ground Music Festival lineup which is set to take place on July 5 through July 8 in Michigan. No word if his appearance for that show has been cancelled yet.

The Baton Rouge, La. artist was released from East Moline Correctional Center on Jan. 10, after serving nine months of a 30-month prison sentence for a felony gun possession. Gates had previously served six months in jail for kicking a female fan during a concert.

Check out Dreka giving an update on Kevin Gates' situation below.

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