One of Chicago's very best pulls up with a new visual. Today (May 2), Dreezy unleashes her video for "2nd to None," a throbbing 2 Chainz-assisted track that finds both rappers making it clear they take a backseat to no one.

In the Chad Tennies-directed visual, the two show up at a Fast and Furious-esque street race where more than a few drivers prepare to jump into some action. Dreezy and chains seemingly play the role of the event's orchestrators as the strut around the area like they own the place.

The song itself finds both rappers blacking all the way out over an icy Southside-produced instrumental. Naturally, Dreezy handles first verse duties, and there's more than a little flexing.

"I ain't tripping off no nigga bitch, nah, not at all/I post a pic and make him sick, got bitches logging off/I'm taking blunts straight to the face, shit got me nodding off/Say I'm a headache, but he just gon' take a Tylenol," she spits on the track.

For his part, 2 Chainz uses the instrumental to extend his streak of show-stopping verses.

"I'm shit cause I ain't never had no pot to piss in/Dick crooked like a muthafuckin politician/I like to wear my shirts with the fucking chains open/I drunk so much pussy last night I got a hangover," Chainz raps.

You can check out the Dreezy's new visual for "2nd to None" for yourself below.

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