Drake does everything big and when it comes to his new Toronto mansion, the same rules apply. The 6 God is currently having a massive home built in his hometown that will include a NBA-sized basketball court in the basement.

Drizzy's posh abode is being built by famed architect Ferris Rafauli in the same T Dot neighborhood where Prince once lived. According to a TMZ report published on Sunday (Sept. 23), the basement will be the place to be. The site obtained building permits on the home that reveal the 15,000 square-foot space will include a sauna, spa, massage room, pool, hot tub and snack lounge, all surrounding a NBA-regulation basketball court for the rapper and his entourage to hoop on.

The rest of the home will be just as fly and include a home theater, champagne bar and recording studio. Outside features include a huge pool with rooftop terrace and bars, and a gigantic projection screen. The home will also have a 10-car garage.

Drake copped the Bridle Path area property for his new spot back in 2015, for $6.7 million. The layout for the 35,000 square-foot home was later revealed. The home has been under construction for over a year and it is unclear when it will be finished. Rafauli has been keeping Drake abreast of the progress via videos of the building on his Instagram page.

Check out video of Drake's new Toronto mansion being built below.

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