While he's been relatively quiet on the music side this year, Drake has been making moves behind the scenes as of late and decided to give fans an update on one of his ventures, a new liquor called Virginia Black Whiskey. Taking to Instagram to unveil the logo that will appear on the bottle, as well as a portion of the glitzy bottle that the whiskey will come in, Drake made good on his word this past February when he alluded that Virginia Black would be arriving soon, and though he didn't specify the meaning behind the post, the most recent pics are sure to conjure interest from his rabid fan base.

The bottle has rigid glass surrounding a gold-plated, diamond-shaped label with black lettering spelling out the name of the brand (Virginia Black American Whiskey) below the portions of the letters "V" and "B" in bold font. His Instagram post also included a picture of a glass of Virginia Black on the rocks, placed on a napkin with the logo of the brand emblazoned on it.

With Drake's ascent to the top of the food chain in rap, this new development of him associating himself with a liquor brand is to be expected, being that many of his predecessors have also plunged into the game of spirits. Jay Z, P. Diddy, 50 Cent, Nicki Minaj, and Ludacris are just a few of the many superstars throughout the years to debut their own alcoholic beverage.

While details may be scarce, it's a safe bet that Virginia Black Whiskey will be as anticipated as the next Drake record among whiskey connoisseurs and rap fans alike.

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