Drake now has his own search engine. Need some random Drizzy facts? Let Me Drake That for You has the answers.

Unlike Google, Yahoo or Bing, LMDrakeTFY only gives results related to the "6 God." According to Buzzfeed, the site was created by 26-year old web developer Tyler Smith, who calls searching on the site "Droogling." Creative. According to Smith, he was inspired to create the site when he and a group of friends got into an argument over whether or not Drizzy is a dope MC. Tyler, of course, was pro-Drizzy.

“It was a great opportunity to troll my friends,” Tyler said. “I started Googling whatever topic we were talking about and seeing if it related to Drake. And it basically always did. … So I decided to cut out the middle-man and make a Drake search engine.”

While Droogling, site visitors are blessed with Drake-themed sound effects, including adlibs, lyrics and random song quotes while the results populate. The entire thing is pretty neat. In other news, Drizzy lost $6K to The Game after Kentucky’s lost to Wisconsin Monday night (April 6) in the Final Four of the NCAA Tournament. Both MCs took to Instagram last night to reveal the friendly bet. The Toronto rapper is planning re-release his surprise album, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, in physical form–and with one unreleased song titled “By My Side.”