As Drake continues to pile on his record breaking projects and songs, he also continues to cover his body in new ink. It comes as no surprise that the 6 God’s new rib tattoo is of a special lady in his life.

Sade seems to be playing a huge role in Drake’s life and he's dedicated time to show his fans that. A few hours ago, the European tattoo artist Niki Norberg, who has been responsible for putting most of Drake’s recent tattoo history out there, posted a pic of Drake’s new Sade tattoo on his rib. The portrait tat is accompanied by a handwritten note that reads “with love Sade X.”

The Toronto-born musician also posted a pic on his Instagram as he was backstage with his mom and Sade during his London show. Last year, the singer/songwriter sent him a special gift for his birthday which Drake posted on his Instagram. The More Life rapper also just got a bottle of Drakkar Noir tattooed on his shoulder. Day one Drizzy fans know it's a reference to his old Twitter handle.

Drake's new playlist More Life is set to have a huge first week of sales. If you haven't listened to it, stream it here and peep a couple of the surprises we found while combing through the credits.

Check out Drake's Sada tattoo below.

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