Drake's showmanship and expansive catalog of hits is turning a lot of heads at his Boy Meets World Tour in Europe. Unfortunately, it's his opening act that's now earning folks' attention for the wrong reason.

According to the Toronto Sun, Pressa, who's an emerging rap star from Toronto, has been opening up for Drizzy even though he's technically out on bail. A while back, the rising MC was arrested for alleged kidnapping, pistol whipping and the torture of two teens. According to the Toronto publication, the kidnapping eventually led to a gun fight.

The Toronto Sun says that Pressa, real name Quinton Gardiner, has been granted a "bail variance," which allows him to leave Canada for job opportunities between Feb. 15 and March 28.

The Toronto Police Department had no idea Pressa was out and about in spite of his probation, and they wouldn't have known if not for his social media posts flaunting the extravagant trappings of Drizzy's tour. At least one member of the police force takes issue with the Toronto rapper taking the controversial MC on the road.

“I find it troubling,” said the department's Inspector Mike Earl. “Here’s a guy (who’s) supposed to be on bail on serious charges. Why is he permitted to leave country and tour with somebody who is a literal mentor to the city’s youth?”

After arresting Pressa for the aforementioned charges last April, Inspector Earl said he believed the rapper was the leader of a local gang calling itself the Young Buck Killas. Pressa is set to appear in court for the charges on Oct. 20, 2017. You can see some of Pressa's Instagram posts from the tour below.

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