There's no denying that Drake's pen game has birthed a plethora of catchy hits. Whenever the Canadian rapper drops a new song, more times than not he's getting the nod of approval from fans. Regardless of the song's context, Drake proves time and time again that his versatility knows no bounds. The multiplatinum artist's bars are often led by honesty and show the power behind vulnerability and confidence. As a result, Drake has produced plenty of clever lines in his verses.

Who can ever forget classic lines like "Last name ever, first name greatest/Like a sprained ankle boy/I ain’t nothing to play with" on 2009's "Forever” and “I tried to told you, Drizzy still ain't nothing nice/Bracelet saying you should quit, cars saying f**k ya life" on 2010's "Up All Night." Quality bars like that get replayed often.
One of Drake's finest verses is on his 2010 track, "Show Me a Good Time." The song is found on his lauded album, Thank Me Later. If there's one bar that has been used and abused on social media for years due to how clever it is, it's this one. "I live for the nights that I can't remember with the people I won't forget/Spending all the money, I just work my a*s off for doing things I won't regret," he raps.
Another example of Drake's lyrical prowess is showcased on A$AP Rocky's 2013 hit "F**kin’ Problems," which also features 2 Chainz and Kendrick Lamar. Without missing a beat at the beginning of his verse, Drake advises others to fully dissect his words before knocking down his artistry. From there, Drizzy's rhymes reflect real-life experiences through a series of metaphors.

"Ain't heard my album? Who you sleepin' on?" Drake raps. "You should print the lyrics out and have a f**ckin' read-along/Ain't a f**ckin' sing-along ’less you brought the weed along/Then just drop down and get your eagle on/Or we can stare up at the stars and put The Beatles on.”

Whether Drake is using his penmanship to impress an admirer, flex his success or up the score with his haters, his quick wit never blurs the rhymes. Take a look at 70 of Drake's most clever lines from his best verses below.—Natalee Gilbert

See 70 of Drake's Most Clever Lines From His Best Verses

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