Anyone could have told you Drake was valuable to the city of Toronto, but the extent of that value is probably even more staggering than anyone could have imagined. Speaking with the folks at Vice News Tonight, Gordon Hendren, who operates as a marketing consultant for companies in Toronto, revealed that Drizzy has heightened the city's value by being such a loyal resident.

"We did some calculations that suggest that he's worth $440 million to the Toronto economy,” explained Hendren in a special that aired yesterday (July 5). "Why? Because he's helped to rebrand the city. He's kind of made himself the same as Toronto.”

Throughout the rest of the video, folks like Toronto councillor Michael Thompson and Toronto Raptors DJ, DJ4Korners, attest to the value of Drizzy, who's been a superstar since first bursting onto the rap game's main stage in 2009. DJ4Korners points towards Drizzy as the Raptors' "hypeman" as a benefit to the organization. Drizzy has acted as the NBA team's global ambassador since 2013.

For his part, Thompson recalls a time the mention of Drizzy's name got people excited about doing a technology conference in Toronto. In the video, Thompson says the tech conference could bring in as much as $147 million to Toronto.

Based on this report, Drizzy has made his hometown a lot of money. According to Vice, the 31-year-old may be responsible for as much as 5 percent of Toronto's $8.8 billion tourist economy. Based on the success of his recently released Scorpion album, which was certified platinum on the day it was released, he appears poised to continue to do big things for his city. Salute.

Check out the special report about Drizzy's earnings for yourself below.

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