Brooklyn rapper DonMonique makes her return right before the year ends. She drops "On Me," a wonderfully produced single by Slydes that samples Mya vocals from "Best of Me." DonMonique shines as she proclaims her place as a boss. "Keep it cooler, it get catastrophic/Smokin' Gelato, that Baskin Robbins/Lookin' for lovin', but you won't find it/Osama Bin Laden, my heart in hiding," she raps.

"It’s crazy because the song wasn’t really planned," she explained about "On Me." "Usually I come to the studio somewhat prepared — sometimes it’s a full song is ready to be recorded and sometimes it’s just an idea. When I made this song, everything just came to me naturally. The skits and the Mya vocals in the back doesn’t sound like anything I have out, and that’s the fun part."

Her Thirst Trap EP was one of the best of 2015 with her breakout single "Pilates" gaining her moderate success. Now she's looking to continue the momentum with her newest project Black Kate Moss.

"Black Kate Moss is the name of my second project," DonMonique adds. "It’s been a long time since my Thirst Trap EP, and I’m just really happy to say that mentally, physically, emotionally — I’m ready. This song is about getting back my respect. It reflects the 'new' DonMonique. I'm all the way bossed-up and so much more confident in what I’m doing with my career, and that’s where Black Kate Moss comes in. I want to cater to my fan base and girls just like me. We're in a time right now where my people need it."

Bump "On Me" above.

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