Don Q is with all the lyrical smoke with Tory Lanez. After teasing a Tory diss on Twitter on Saturday (Jan. 26), the Bronx rapper comes through with the scathing track, "I'm Not Joyner."

The Highbridge artist isn't holding any punches on the harsh offering as he raps over the beat to Diddy's 1998 track "Victory" featuring The Notorious B.I.G. and Busta Rhymes. "We ain't even gon' play with you, not one bit, you feel me?" Don Q prefaces the track. "I thought about letting you live a little bit. But you gave me the gun, nigga."

From there he takes it to the Canadian entertainer, who sparked this beef by claiming he could body any rapper. Don snaps with jabs like, "This is when it gets spicy, you went to Funk Flex and started spitting just like me/Speak up if I'm lying/You told me you watched my freestyle hundreds of times/I guess that's why you sound like me in a couple of lines," he starts, referencing allegations that Tory stole bars from his Hot 97 Freestyle.

It gets more heated from there, with Don threatening to put hands on Lanez. "Oh Tory rich?/I'll line the kid up like Tori Brixx/I ain't none of the backpack rap cats you done gone against/Put money, I'll back slap and start snatching on Tory shit."

The savagery continues, "Believe in one, heaven or hell/And dead bodies leave a helluva smell and we ain't letting them yell/Tie his mouth shut, hit the house up, cover the trail/Like fuck what he sell/My magazine double XL."

Earlier, Don Q shared evidence that Tory knew this was coming by way of a text conversation with the Love Me Now artist. Tory urged, "Go ahead and start it off. Friendly competition." Artists like G Herbo and Meek Mill have commented on the situation (below). A response from Tory Lanez should be forthcoming.

Peep Don Q's new Tory Lanez diss track.

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