T.I. isn't the only member of the Harris family that has rap skills. His teenage son, Domani, is taking a page out of his father's book and striving for a career in hip-hop. To prove he's got what it takes, the rising rapper releases the new music video for his song "Wake Up Call," which finds him reflect on his success with an important message.

The video, directed by Domani and Lo, shows the rhymer inside a restaurant, where he chows down on some good comfort food before heading out to the local neighborhood.

XXL spoke with the 16-year-old artist, who shared where the inspiration for the song and visuals stems from.

"The inspiration for the song came mostly from me feeling like I had so much to say and at the time I felt like nobody wanted to hear it because of what they thought I'd be talking about," Domani tells XXL. "And this was the wake up call to them. With the video I just wanted to get out and connect with different people. I wanted to show people something different from how they think I move around."

"Wake Up Call" is the introduction track on Domani's latest project, The Constellation. As far as what he's working on next, there's another project coming.

"I just started working on my next project, and with this one I want to really challenge myself and give viewers a stronger connection with me as a person, and as a artist," he explains.

Watch the music video for Domani's "Wake Up Call" and listen to The Constellation below.

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