Brooklyn rapper Safaree paid a visit to DJ Kay Slay's Shade 45 radio show earlier this month (March 11) to add his two cents to plenty of hip-hop happenings—most notably, the ongoing rap beef between Remy Ma and his ex, Nicki Minaj. While Kay Slay's co-host Jazzie Belle took the lead in interviewing Safaree, Slay and The Game's manager Wack 100 were ready at their respective mics to chime in when necessary.

While Safaree told Remy "thanks for the shout out" in regards to his name drop in the diss track "Shether," Samuels began to clam up when Jazzie asked about his relationship with Nicki's family in regards to allegations that her older brother Jehlani raped an underaged girl in 2015. But while Safaree was reluctant to address the controversy, Wack 100 suddenly got vocal. Around the 26-minute mark, Wack bursts into the conversation.

"Has Nicki Minaj been accused of child molestation ever?" asks Wack, "I'm pretty sure your mother, your brother, your uncle... somebody did some foul shit in your family, but that ain't got nothing to do with you, bro."

As Wack kept talking, Kay Slay interjected and told Wack to let Jazzie finish her interview questions. "Take your cape off for a second my nigga." At one point, Kay Slay and Wack have to step away from their mics, and the listener can hear Wack 100 say "Fuck him." You can see Kay Slay pull the mic away from Wack as they talk it out.

For those unfamiliar, Remy pulled no punches in her Nicki diss and addressed the family drama by rapping, "Guess who supports a child molester? Nicki Minaj/You paid for your brother’s wedding? That’s hella foul/How you spendin' money to support a pedophile?"

Check out the boiling point moment at the 26-minute mark below.

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