DJ Drama has been talking about Quality Street Music 2 for a few years. Now, it looks like the LP may finally drop in 2016. The veteran DJ returns with a record called "Wishing," which serves as the lead single for the upcoming album.

The new track features Chris Brown, Skeme and Lyquin. Brown is a dominant force on the single as he handles the hook duties as well as the opening verse.

"I ain't like them other n---as, you see that I'm different/I creep on the late night, I stay on a mission/Got all types of different bitches/Pussy wet and dripping, I been like sipping/I eat the pussy with precision/Six rings, Jordan, Pippen/I do gymnastics with a brick and flip it/Money to the ceiling, no I ain't tripping/No conversation/These n---a's bitches be texting and sending emojisBut no, I don't say shit/He try to hang with the homies but tell on the gang/Boy, you a straight bitch/And now your girl coming over give me that booty/Know it's amazing/Loving these bitches, got into trouble with bitches/Can't fuck with these bitches," Chris Brown sings.

DJ Drama feels that with tracks like "Wishing," his fifth studio album will be one of his finest works to date.

"For me to put together guys that I work with closely and who also signify what quality street music is was important," DJ Drama said. "I’ve come up in a climate where record sales haven’t been the highest, especially for DJ albums. I feel like my last body of work was a success based on when I walk down the streets and people say, ‘Yo, your album was crazy,’ or other DJs tell me the same. When the critics and the people give it a thumbs up, that’s how I’ll know I’ve delivered that quality street music."

There is no release date for Quality Street Music 2 at this time. XXL will keep you posted on the status of the LP.

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