DJ Cassidy is back with a brand new dance anthem for his loyal fan base, and the producer is recruiting some heavy names for the catchy tune. The hit-maker released "Honor" for listeners earlier today (April 7), which sees vocals from Grace, as well as a new verse from Lil Yachty.

We see a sweeter side of Lil' Boat this time around for his verse, as he rhymes about love and how finding the perfect match makes someone act. It's pretty different from his usual aesthetic, to which he raps, "It's not a true love 'til mama approves of it/And then you think to yourself like you're really going through with it, and give it everything until you're through with it/You probably think that I'm losing it." The record sees Cassidy's signature funk style being put to use over his orchestra production, making for a classy dance record that could easily become a new summer anthem in the coming months.

While reflecting on making the song in a press release, the DJ stated, "Grace’s voice is so soulful and so powerful, it exudes greater emotion with less music. Yachty represents not just a new voice of a generation, but a new aesthetic. I am honored to have them both on this record. Pun intended." Take a listen to the new record from the trio below.

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