Lil Yachty had a life-changing year in 2016, and this Christmas, he's blessing those that helped him pave the way. In particular, he's hooking up his mother, who the rapper splurged on something serious for the holiday.

King Boat showed off his mother's haul on Instagram. In the pic, the Atlanta rapper's mom dukes poses, smiling ear to ear, while surrounded by an impressive display of expensive gifts. Here's a rundown of what Yachty bought her, as noted in the photo's caption: "Birkin Bag, Chanel Bag, Céline Bag, Chanel Runners, Hermes Hats, Blankets, & Bracelets, Louis Hats& Scarfs, Chanel Polos, Gucci Sweaters, Shirts, & Belts."

He continued, "All for my beautiful Queen. 19 Years You've worked hard to make sure my Christmas was the best... now this is Christmas is all about you. I love you mama 4ever. Merry Christmas Yall."

But there's always someone who wants to be the Grinch of the situation. An IG user added a comment under Lil Boat's post, calling out the rapper for buying frivolous items instead of more substantial gifts.

Yachty Clause was hearing none of it. "I bought my mom a house, car and paid off all her loans already," he snapped back. "My money is also hers, so my savings is hers. I purchased these things simply because it was always her dream to have it. I 'really got it like that.' Stop being so bitter. You must not have a family."

Getting back in the Christmas spirit, Boat revealed an X-mas card featuring himself and his crew. "Lmao happy holidays from us sailing team members to all. If you've sent me mail I'm going to send be sending these post cards to your address," he captioned the card on IG.

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