With the April 14 release of Grand Theft Auto V looming, Rockstar Games, GTA's publishing company, turned to the only people who have lived the kind of debauchery the game portrays: Dipset. Juelz Santana, Jim Jones and Freekey Zekey--Cam'ron was running late, likely huddled over pots and pans perfecting his cereal formula--hopped online via Rockstar and Twitch.TV to play GTA online with their fans. Of course, the rappers were walked through the game by some people more versed in the digital world, but at some point, you have to think instincts take over. Ribbing each other for not playing Dipset in their virtual cars, the guys seemed to have a good time; at one point, Juelz and Zeke mistakenly believed they were on the same team. There was no word on whether he got bonus points for singing all the hooks.

The car-jacking hi-jinks are part of Dipset's whirlwind reunion tour, which kicked off on the very first day of 2015. Since then, the crew has released a pair of singles and embarked on the Pledge of Allegiance tour, which brings them back to many outposts that haven't seen the Dips since their early- and mid-2000s heyday. A full-length project is expected later in the year, as is head honcho Cam'ron's Purple Haze 2, the sequel to his 2004 opus. Julez has been rumored to have something of his own coming later this month, as well.

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