Diddy gave an interview to AdAge today regarding his new television network Revolt, which he said he wants to turn into the ESPN for music, the central hub where people can go to get everything they want about music of all varieties. While detailing the rollout of the network—which will launch October 21 and will be available in 20-30 million homes as well as online—he delved into an analogy using his experience running the New York City Marathon in 2003.

"I am a marathon runner," he says in the story. "I ran the New York City marathon and almost died. I tried to run like a two-minute mile early on in the race. I was crazy enough to think I could win. After seven miles I thought I would die, but I slowed down my pace and kept going. The first couple of miles with Revolt we want to run at a nice pace."

Diddy went on to lay out his plans for Revolt, including dropping gems like, "You can never go wrong when you stay true to the brand." Check the whole interview right here.

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