The Diddy and Cassie breakup continues to get uglier as what seemed like two people going their separate ways has turned into one scandalous claim after another. The singer shared a photo of her new flame on Instagram at the end of 2018 and now people close to Puff are saying that stunt was done just to make the Bad Boy head honcho mad.

According to sources close to the music mogul, Puff feels like the timing was a low blow. “If there is anyone who knows how absolutely devastated Diddy has been since Kim [Porter's] death, it’s Cassie. He can’t believe she feels the need to post pictures with her new guy. It’s like she did it to upset Diddy more,” a source close to the situation tells People.

“The whole situation is just ridiculous,” the source continues. “There is just no need to post pictures on social media at this point. Diddy is having enough of a hard time.”

Earlier this week, news broke that Cassie cheated with the trainer Puff had hired for her, who is the same man she is currently seeing, Alex Fine. Cassie has denied her relationship with Fine started before she and Diddy ended their 11-year relationship.

Diddy and Cassie breakup rumors started back in October, with a source saying it was a wrap for the couple. Cassie and Puff later reunited in the wake of the November death of Kim Porter, the mother of Diddy's children, but still went their separate ways.

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