Diddy has made a career by tapping into what's next before anyone else, but even he can't keep track of every body. Selena Gomez, who boasts nearly 75 million followers on Instagram and numerous top-10 hits, told GQ that the hip-hop mogul one time mistook the chart-topping singer for a valet worker.

Gomez, who is the men's magazine's latest cover subject, casually introduced the story saying, "Or when P. Diddy gave me his valet ticket once. Do you know what I mean?"

Not knowing what she meant, the writer, Zach Baron, responded, "Wait, no, I don't--why did he give you his valet ticket?"

"Because he thought I was the valet lady," she responded."Look, I see all of it. I don't care--I actually laughed hysterically when it happened. But I get it. I know what all of it is."

Baron also asked Gomez about A$AP Rocky's quote from a Billboard profile on the singer where he commented on her sex life. "She's developing her sexiness," Rocky said in the story. "I don't think she's there 100 percent yet. She's probably only fucked Justin Bieber, if that. But honestly, she wasn't looking for a No. 1 hit (the two collaborated on her album cut, 'Good For You.') She did it to excommunicate herself from her image. That's brave."

"Well, I mean, I don't know," Gomez reacted. "I just think that's kind of who he is. And I mean, I made him feel like he has a right to kind of have his own opinion. What am I going to say? I've had worse things said about me."

Gomez also said that "Good For You" wasn't the label's first choice for a single and there are two different versions of the song. "My label didn't want ['Good For You'] to be the first single. It was kind of a little bit more of a risk, and he mentioned that when I sent him the track. It was like, 'At least you're fucking doing it. That's cool.' I think that was literally verbatim. [Rocky] was like, 'This is cool and she's actually doing it.'

"He kind of did his thing with it, and he restructured the bridge completely. And I think he completely elevated the song. But there's two versions. There's one with me and there's one with him."

Read the entire profile via GQ

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