It might be 2017, but slavery is still a very real thing. That's a fact people in the U.S. have had to face in light of recent reports that migrants and refugees stuck in Libya are being sold into slavery. Now, rappers are speaking out against this monumental violation of human rights. Among them is Bad Boy Entertainment boss Diddy.

"The slave trade that is going on in Libya has to STOP NOW. Speak up and speak out. We CANNOT be silent!" the veteran rapper/mogul wrote in a tweet Wednesday (Nov. 29). Echoing Diddy's sentiment was Fat Joe, who uploaded an Instagram post spotlighting a trend that finds people being sold into labor for $800.

"This makes me sick that this is happening in 2017. We need to end slavery in Libya immediately!! I pray for these people. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 #stopslaveryinlibya," wrote Joe in a post that included a few images calling for the liberation of slaves in Libya.

In his own post, Lupe Fiasco tweeted out both a call to speak out against slavery while also asking that they make sure they're promoting accurate information.

"COMRADES PLEASE BE AWARE & BEWARE OF POSTING INACCURATE IMAGES/MEMES OF THE LIBYAN SLAVERY CRISIS. DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE YOU POST. Inaccurate news and memes makes it easier for folks to dismiss the issue all together. #Libya #NoPersonASlave #Abolition," wrote Lupe, who's never been afraid to speak out against the ills of the world.

Check out what the rest of the rap world is saying about the slave trade crisis in Libya in the list below.

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