The rap feud that reportedly led to the 2009 execution of 50 Cent's friend Lowell Fletcher reportedly involved Diddy, as the mogul's name was recently brought up in the Jimmy Henchman trial.

Supposedly, a few years prior to the murder, Diddy called a peace conference between Henchman and Chris Lighty according to Khalil Abdullah, a former associate of Henchman, who testified in court Wednesday about the years-long beef that led to Fletcher's murder.

However, Diddy's attempt was unsuccessful as that meeting went sour  and by 2007 Tony Yayo, Lighty's then client, was facing charges for assaulting Henchman's son. Shortly after, Henchman made an unsuccessful attempt to shoot Lighty in the leg as a result and also gave orders to shoot up Yayo's grandmother's house.Henchman then hired Brian "Slim" McLeod in 2009 to lure G-Unit associate Lowell Fletcher to the Bronx and kill him.

Abdullah has pleaded guilty to running up to 100 kilograms of cocaine a week for Henchman and received an eight-year sentence. In 2012, Lighty was found shot in the head. His death was ruled a suicide.

50 Cent is not involved in any violence.

[Via NYDaily]