Diddy's latest business venture, RevoltTV is now active. According to the music mogul, the new music television channel will change the game. Puff recently dropped by Power 105.1 and chopped it up with The Breakfast Club. Never one to miss out on an opportunity for publicity, the rap mogul used most of his airtime to explain Revolt's presence in the music television game. Diddy said he decided to start the channel because he saw a void on the tube when it came to music. "Music is consumed at an all-time high right now," he said. "If you think about it, in the next five years, television will be everywhere. It will be on your mobile devices. It will be everywhere. It will be worldwide. That's really the opportunity I saw. I saw there was no ESPN of music. There was no CNN of music. There was no one trusted destination."

When it comes to his competition, namely MTV, BET and VH1, Diddy said Revolt will pick up where they dropped the ball by simply focusing on music. "They changed their business plan," said Diddy. "Sometimes you've gotta stay focused and be one thing and do one thing great. That's what we're gonna do with music. Our whole thing is also having enough fearlessness to play what doesn't normally get played with all the different alternative artists."

Check out the entire interview, below.