Update (Dec. 10, 9:32 a.m.): Drake posted a super cryptic message on Instagram. It looks like he's paying attention to all the news surrounding him but he just doesn't care (no such thing as bad publicity?). It looks like his arm is in a sling in the first picture.

They're either talking shit about you or stealing the shit you're talking...either way the name been poppin

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However the second pic, he shows that his shoulder isn't bothering him (kind of).


Update (Dec. 9, 3 p.m.): The truth always comes to light. The reason why Drake and Diddy got into a short round of fisticuffs was because of a Boi-1da beat. According to TMZ, producer Boi-1da sent the same beat to both Diddy and Drake about eight months. However, since Diddy had the beat for a while and didn't do anything with it, Drake used the beat to record a song and put it out.

If you look at what music Drizzy has been putting out that's been produced by Boi-1da within 8 months, it narrows down to "6 God," "How Bout Now," and "0-100/The Catch Up." (Update: according to MissInfo, the disagreement might’ve been over Drake’s hit “0 to 100,” which received two Grammy nominations.

TMZ is also reporting that Drake did go to the ER for his shoulder because he reinjured a prior injury.


Original Story: Rumors erupted that Diddy and Drake got into a brawl that at club Liv in Miami on Sunday. Now we may know the reason. According to a recent TMZ report, the two were discussing business when the conversation soon escalated into a heated debate.

Eyewitnesses claim they heard the music mogul and the Toronto native yelling and in the midst of the war of words exchange, Diddy shouted out, "You will never disrespect me!" The statement was followed by a hard hitting punch from Diddy to Drake. The punch stunned Drizzy but he wasn't knocked to the floor.

We will continue to update you on the incident once more information is disclosed.