Desiigner hits the field with Manchester United star Paul Pogba in his new visual for "Outlet," a cut off his forthcoming debut album, The Life Of Desiigner. Peep the video—which he co-directed—for yourself below.

The "Outlet" vid finds the G.O.O.D. Music artist working as a janitor while roaming the halls of what appears to be a mostly vacant building. After he plugs his mopping machine into an outlet, a light flashes and we're transported to a locker room, where we see Pogba bowing his head as he sits in solemn silence.

From there, we see Pogba begin doing some pull-ups as he prepares to take the field, and we see Desiigner rocking a custom "Desiigner" soccer jersey before energetic track begins playing. Dope.

If you've ever seen a Desiigner show or any of his other music videos, you already know he goes extra hard whenever he's performing, and the visual for "Outlet" is no exception. Throughout the video, we see Desiigner either turning up by himself in a massive stadium, in the hallways his video-self works in and in the locker room, getting amped up with Pogba.

Although we don't get to see anyone play soccer, the glow of the stadium lights combined with the energy of Pogba and Desiigner give the visual a ton to like.

Peep the video for yourself just below.

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