Don't look now - Desiigner's "Panda" could be headed to the No. 1 position atop the Billboard Hot 100 chart next week. This week it comes in at No. 2, three spots above where it was last week, and the only thing stopping the song from hitting the top spot seems to be Rihanna's stranglehold on No. 1 with "Work."

Despite being mired in controversy regarding it's similarity to some of Future's work, "Panda" is the go-to breakout rap song of 2016 so far. It got a huge boost from Kanye West when it was essentially remixed for "Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 2" on The Life of Pablo, and since then the track's only gotten bigger.

You would think the Brooklyn MC might want to distance himself from the Atlanta rapper as much as possible, but his strategy has been a unique one. In fact, he's been trolling the shit out of hip-hop's hottest star instead - premiering a song named "Pluto," giving coy answers in interviews, the whole nine.

Desiigner caused even more of a stir this past weekend when he took his "Panda" performance to another level of turnt. One of his crew members is apparently handicapped, and during a show Desiigner threw the guy over his shoulders while performing his smash hit. Then, in Long Island, he was caught throwing up in the middle of a performance. (To his credit, he seamlessly transitions from vomitting to dabbing as if he's practiced that move before.) Hopefully he's feeling better now.

Keep it locked to XXL to find out if "Panda" hits No. 1 on the charts.