Derez De'Shon has made it through everything, from poverty to fighting to get his music heard. Things have gotten much better for him, as he signed a record deal and caught a hit with his song "Hardaway." His latest track is "Beat the Odds," which features fellow Atlanta artist YFN Lucci.

Derez kicks the song off with the chorus. "I'm just tryna beat the odds, back against the wall/Laced my boots and stood up tall, told my niggas I won't fall," he sings. "I'm just tryna beat the odds, yeah, yeah."

Through it all, Derez appreciates how far he has come. "I gave it my all, stayed down and I came up/Never hated or changed up/Every day that I wake up, I let God know I'm thankful," he raps. It can be hard to stay true to yourself as your circumstances change, but he held it down.

YFN Lucci has the same mindset, with a lot more flossing mixed in. "Beat the odds, beat the charge, beat the streets apart/Self-employed, I'm that boy, baby I'm that boy," he spits, reflecting on getting it out of the mud. "My Audemar cost me eighty large, bitch I beat the odds/And my yard filled with foreign cars, bitch I beat the odds, yeah."

Derez De'Shon sat down with XXL recently for an interview as part of The Break. Meanwhile, YFN Lucci has been racking up the collabs. He appears on Neek Bucks "One Day" and Jim Jones' "Gotta Play the Game."

Give "Beat the Odds" a listen below.

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