Denzel Curry takes a left and jumps on London-based group Ritual's new song "Real Feels." The electronic pop song gets rich dual vocals from both Ritual members, Gerard O'Connell and Mononoke, with Curry closing out the song with a verse.

"Real Feels" is off of Ritual's upcoming project, No Escape Out of Time.

"In a moment, am I low as you get me back on my feet/My heart is cold and it stolen, she won't give it back to me/I fell hard, I don't want to fall anymore/Fell hard, she don't want it all anymore/Rewind, it's like we've been here before/Love lost, there's  not a we anymore," raps Denzel.

"'Real Feels' is the first song we've written in a session with other producers," explained Ritual through email. "We met FnZ last year online and originally started working with them on productions remotely - we were big fans of the stuff they'd done with A$ap Rocky, especially 'LSD'. FnZ is the producer for "Real Feels" and he has worked with Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa, among others.

The 2016 XXL Freshman is gearing up to release his upcoming album. Denzel revealed the status of his upcoming LP on Instagram, posting a message to his fans.

“To all my supporters. I’m excited to tell you that the next album is getting closer to what it suppose to sound like…However it will take some time for me to complete it because I want to make my message is clear as day. In the meantime I will be releasing music as soon as I can… my only request is to stay tuned to what’s going on,” he wrote.

Bump "Real Feels" below.

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