Denzel Curry is in militant mode, dropping off the new track, "Hate Government."

As the name implies, the Miami MC is very much popping off about his dislike of the powers that be. The song is produced by FNZ, who provides a chaotic instrumental highlighted by rolling 808s for Curry to snap over. "Anti American, I'm pro Assata/I write rhymes like a scholar/All about a dollar, dollar equals Allah/Put away the scouters/You won't see my power, this your final hour/On Nefertiti, this is for the city/Cut throat, you shouldn't fuck with my committee/Kill it, call it Kenny, say it came from Diddy/All you other rappers hella poo no Winnie/Eeny, meeny, miney, moe/Tic-tac-toe, leave a XO on a death note I wrote," he raps in a nasally tone.

The song is short in length but packs a powerful punch, with Raven Miyagi rambling on at the end, "They wanna scan on my wrist/My whole life been at risk/Make a plan for my jit shit/Look at the time on my wrist, make a play so legit/On my hate government shit."

Yesterday (May 12), Curry dropped the video for his collab with Allan Kingdom, "The Fusion." Last weekend, the Floridian was one of the performers who put on at the epic 2017 Rolling Loud Festival. Curry’s “Ultimate” got the crowd hype during his set, which also featured him getting into “Super Saiyan” mode a few times.

Listen to "Hate Government" below.

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