Denzel Curry is continuing to tease his loyal fans with new music, as he's released another demo version of a potential new record on the way. The "Real Feels" rapper just dropped his demo for "Equalizer" on his SoundCloud page, which was produced by rising name Ronny J.

The Florida MC uses his fast-paced flow to spit some gritty Logan-infused rhymes over the hype beat, where he busts out his signature delivery that fans know and love.

"Stop, doctor say he couldn't hold on/Cut motherfucker I am Logan/N-I-G-G-A Attila The Hun/Mixed with Bishop Magic Juan/I got the fuckin' magic wand," Denzel raps on the new song.

While the full version is yet to be heard, so far fans and listeners are still able to get a taste of what could come on his album with the minute and 43-second preview.

Denzel has done a good job of keeping his supporters on their toes, as he's sporadically given them new releases over the last few months in preparation for his new album. He most recently dropped his enlightening track "Hate Government," which saw the Carol City native spitting about all of the issues and grievances he has with the government and their treatment of minorities in this country.

Take a listen to the new "Equalizer" demo record below to see what the MC is cooking up prior to the release of his upcoming album.

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