Once one makes it big, the first purchase is often a tricked out house. While few rappers remain in the surrounding areas of their hometowns, others make the move to major media cities such as Los Angeles or Miami. In those markets, rappers have crafted some of the most intricate to-die-for homes that for most people, are only a dream to reside in.

Pharrell's seven million dollar pad sits on the hills of Los Angeles’ Laurel Canyon. The six-bedroom mansion features enormous glass windows and was once owned by Hagy Belzberg, the CEO of the highly regarded L.A. architecture firm, Belzberg Architects. Pharrell's lot also includes a pool,  an outdoor screening room, and a two-story guest house.  The super-producer reportedly still even additionally owns a 9,000-plus square foot mansion in his hometown of Virginia Beach, purchased back in 2007.

Lil Wayne's Miami Beach house is also a dream home. The home unfortunately became famous in March of 2015, when a mysterious shooting that was said to have occurred never did. Then again in November when the mansion was seized by police for art after Wayne refused to pay private jet company Signature Group up to $2 million in fees. And most recently, the home was in headlines again for yet another swatting incident and the rapper just released news that he's fed up and ready to move.

Along with Pharrell and Weezy, check out the decked out homes of eight rappers. And if you're looking, Wayne's home is up for sale.

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